Entry #2


2008-10-24 01:01:28 by Tony64

*sigh* delays, delays..........

Once again I am forced to delay the release of CAFv3 due to underestimated "work needed".
but don't worry too much, unlike previous delays, that lasted months, this will more tha likely only be days. I'd even venture to say it'll be done in no more than a week. Don't hold me to that.....but at least it ain't too much longer............


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2008-11-06 20:16:29

wow the score sucks, NG is retarded sometimes.


2008-11-12 16:34:40

to Mad-dave, it is because most of newgrounds hates furries... or anything related....

But good job on it. the 130 styles of extras was a little daunting, but I managed to pick the right one. =P


2008-11-15 10:41:07

ok first of all i love your work second i think i might know you third in the next one can u please create a save button or something please ok then love your work ill enjoy your next one :wink:


2010-12-05 22:46:24

I know your not 26


2012-02-05 11:41:32

Can you make a CAFv4, for the adulties?